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  Eswar Kumar Rayaprolu Rejoicing Indian Roller India FIAP: Gold medal
  Kerry Boytell A Mothers Concern Australia PSA: Gold medal
  Gunther Riehle Three Arctic Fox Pups 2 Germany PSA: silver medal
  Seng Huat Phua Feeding 3 Malaysia SIEP: silver medal
  Bob Devine Osprey with Fish England PSA: bronze medal
  Ashok Kumar Das Rhino Mating India SIEP: bronze medal
  Ian Whiston Cheetah and Cubs England SIEP: bronze medal
  Gianpiero Ferrari Mating Chequered Blue England PSA: commended
  Francis King Grizzly in Pursuit Canada PSA: commended
  Arun Mohanraj Cheetah with Cubs at Dawn England PSA: commended
  Zhecho Planinski In 1 Bulgaria PSA: commended
  Hermis Valiyandiyil Brown Bear and Cub in Water United Arab Emirates PSA: commended
  Ian Whiston Lioness Catching Warthog England PSA: commended
  Kerry Boytell Little Hermit Australia SIEP: commended
  Gary Brennand Hi Turtle Australia SIEP: commended
  Grace Elizabeth Bryant A Tiny Reward Australia SIEP: commended
  Nan Carder Pelican 0593 United States SIEP: commended
  Bob Devine Red Squirrel Feeding England SIEP: commended
  Bob Devine Kingfisher Caught Fish England SIEP: commended
  Jenny Hibbert Bald Eagles in Dispute Wales SIEP: commended
  Jenni Horsnell White Browed Woodswallows Courting Australia SIEP: commended
  Laura Knowles Young Elephants Playing England SIEP: commended
  Anthony Luha Aerial Warfare Australia SIEP: commended
  Franco Marchi Black-Winged Stilt and Son Italy SIEP: commended
  Franco Marchi Flamingos in Love Italy SIEP: commended
  Percy Mitchell Hippo at Play South Africa SIEP: commended
  Seng Huat Phua Building Nest Malaysia SIEP: commended
  Avanish Rajan Thats It India SIEP: commended
  Avanish Rajan Slit Open India SIEP: commended
  Gunther Riehle Two Arctic Fox Pups 21 Germany SIEP: commended
  Johnnie Rogers Broad-Bodied Chaser Wales SIEP: commended
  Rene Van Echelpoel Koninginnepage Belgium SIEP: commended
  David Woodhead Great Bustard in Flight England SIEP: commended
  Stephen Allworth Meercat 1
  David Bassett Black-Shouldered Kite
  David Bassett Mouse for Lunch
  Gary Beresford Satin Bowerbird
  Kerry Boytell Are You Hungry Yet
  Kerry Boytell Painted Keelback
  Gary Brennand Nemo Family
  Gary Brennand Padang Bai Cuttlefish
  Grace Elizabeth Bryant Too Cute
  Grace Elizabeth Bryant Wings on High
  Scott Contini Galahs in Love
  Glenn Gilligan Hungry Cockatoo
  Sally Hinton Mine is Bigger
  Jenni Horsnell Grebe on Nest
  Jenni Horsnell Kite Food Exchange 11
  Jenni Horsnell Spider with Damselfly 2
  Kaye Kelly Bear on Ice Floe
  Roy Killen Dusty River Crossing
  Roy Killen White Tailed Eagle Eating Fish
  Frank Kolver Leopards Larder
  Frank Kolver Where Did It Go
  Anthony Luha Red Tailed Cockatoo No. 2
  Cheryl Mares Black-Bellied Hummingbird
  Cheryl Mares Face of Brothers
  Cheryl Mares Summer Tanager
  Michael S Martin Mullet Migration 2
  Arthur Roy Angler Extraordinaire
  Ray Shorter Thorny Devil
  Georgina Steytler Buller's Albatross
  Alan Twells Blue Eyes
  Mark Vivian Form
  Rod Warnock Black Swan Hexham Swamp
  Rod Warnock Red-Rumped Parrot Flinders Ranges
  Graeme Watson White Faced Heron with Frog
  Kim Wormald Endangered Honeyeater
  Kim Wormald Yellow Robin
  Robin Allan Yates Keep Walking Little Buck
  Alexander Schneider Tölpelfamily 2894
  Robert Deglin Samen Door Het Water
  Rene Van Echelpoel Banded Dragonfly Wife
  Rene Van Echelpoel Duo Flight
  Rene Van Echelpoel Paring Bleke Blauwtjes
  Paulo Guerra Bico Verde
  Zhecho Planinski Caperer
  Zhecho Planinski Double Pied Avocet
  Zhecho Planinski Fray
  Jorn Hansen Great Blue Heron Attack 15-3
  Jorn Hansen Osprey with Fish 15-3
  Francis King First Come First Served
  Francis King Tender Loving Care
  Roger Leekam Curve Billed Thrasher at Waterhole
  Roger Leekam Great Blue Herons with Nesting Material
  Roger Leekam Red Necked Grebes Feeding Chick
  Jianzhen Chen Family
  Jianzhen Chen Warm Embrace
  Lanfeng Chen Fighting
  Zifeng Chen Teach
  Guisheng Gu Happy Song of Bird
  Chunsheng He Love for Beauty
  Qiusheng Hu A Farewell 告别
  Qiusheng Hu Family家族
  Yana Hu Ferocious
  Tang Li Enjoy Food
  Tang Li Feeding
  Yong Zhi Li Big and Small
  Jiazi Liu Cross the River过河
  Jiazi Liu Warmth温情
  Xuehai Lv Cranes Dance
  Xuehai Lv Eagle Posture
  Xuehai Lv Setting Out
  Xiaoyun Qi The Origin of Life
  Shenghua Shen Beautiful Feather
  Yuanxin Xu Strive for Food
  Wenbin Yao Red-Headed Birds in Spring
  Ningtai Yu Fight for the King
  Ningtai Yu Playing
  Fuyang Zhou Nestle依偎
  Jianyong Zhou The African Elephant
  Gordon Bramham Dalmation and Pygmy
  Gordon Bramham Gull Reflection
  Mike Cowdrey Common Tern Flight 4
  Bob Devine Wild Dog and Pup
  Chris Ellison European Robin
  Chris Ellison Red Billed Hornbill
  Gianpiero Ferrari White-Letter Hairstreak
  Richard Harding Mother and Pup
  Richard Harding Walking on Thin Ice
  Margaret Hocking Black-Backed Jackal Pup
  Alexander Holden Great Skua
  Alexander Holden Little Owl on Wall
  Laura Knowles Baby Orangutan
  Laura Knowles Mother Elephant and Calf
  David Lyon Sparrow Hawk and Starling
  Ann Mead Enop Hiding 5MM Egg Sac
  Arun Mohanraj Adult and Juvenile Giraffe
  Arun Mohanraj Wildebeests Migration Masai Mara
  Mike Muddiman Emperor Dragonfly Oviposting
  Mike Muddiman Male Banded Demoiselle
  Mike Muddiman Male Brown Argus
  George Reekie Cheetah with Prey
  Jane Rees Common Blue Butterflies
  Veronica Rice Cheetah Family
  Veronica Rice Crowned Cranes
  Veronica Rice Oxpecker on Impala
  Veronica Rice Wildebeest Crossing
  Val Saxby Brown Pelican
  Val Saxby Resting
  Geoff Smith Bonellis Eagle Moving Kill
  Geoff Smith Golden Eagle Guarding Kill
  Geoff Smith Red Kite with Kill
  Ian Whiston Lion Aggression
  Ian Whiston Warthog Escaping
  David Woodhead Black-Kite
  David Woodhead Jay
  Alan Young Field Grasshopper (3)
  Alan Young Male Common Blue Damselfly
  Jussi Helimaki Dewy Essex Skipper 2
  Marc Anagnostidis Nourrissage Pic Epeiche
  Roger Jourdain Fighting in Serengeti
  Roger Jourdain Hyenas Eating
  Roger Jourdain Migration No1
  Roger Jourdain Young Cheetahs Serengeti
  Christian Cebulla I'm Dry
  Christian Cebulla Jump
  Achim Koepf Kamtschatka 10
  Achim Koepf Kamtschatka 29
  Achim Koepf Kamtschatka 5
  Gunther Riehle Arctic Fox Pup 6
  Gunther Riehle Two Arctic Fox Pups 17
  Wolfgang Schweden Gannet Pair Three
  H. W. Chan The Son of Penguin 5
  Koon Nam Cheung Osprey and Fish 11
  Koon Nam Cheung Osprey and Fish 5
  Koon Nam Cheung Osprey and Fish 6
  Koon Nam Cheung Osprey Caught a Fish 9
  Tibor Kercz This is for You!
  Aladár Szabó Female Red-Footed Falcon
  Aladár Szabó Landing
  Aladár Szabó Portrait of Eagle
  Ashok Kumar Das Asiatic Water Buffalo
  Ashok Kumar Das Rhino Feeding
  Amit Bijon Dutta Roller
  Soumen Kumar Ghosh Do You Want
  Paresh Paradkar Black Buck Jumping
  Paresh Paradkar Lion Mating
  Paresh Paradkar Tiger with Kill
  Avanish Rajan Cheetah Kill
  Avanish Rajan The End
  Eswar Kumar Rayaprolu Little Kingfisher with Fish
  Eswar Kumar Rayaprolu Osprey with Prey
  Bill Power Blackwater Kingfisher
  Bill Power Blue Tit on a Nettle Stem
  Bill Power Mulberry Goldfinch
  Bill Power The Original Gannets in Love
  Giovanni Frescura Wait Me 2
  Giovanni Frescura White Arctic Fox 2
  Franco Marchi Greenfinchs Against
  Franco Marchi Ready for the Beakful
  Ahmad Alessa Giraffe
  Ahmad Alessa Habara
  Ahmad Alessa Leopard
  Ahmad Alessa Monitor Lizard
  Harry Daemen An Ech Well Net
  Harry Daemen The Duel
  Dik Sen Ngu Predator in Action-4896
  Dik Sen Ngu Predator in Action-5403
  Dik Sen Ngu Predator in Action-5451
  Seng Huat Phua Passing Food
  Tommy Teh Aware 2
  Tommy Teh Happy Meal 99
  Elizabeth Passuello Mycena Sp 12
  Istvan Magdo Share It!
  Sergey Anisimov Cub of the Greenland Seal 5
  Sergey Anisimov Cub of the Greenland Seal 7
  Sergey Anisimov Polar Bear 45
  James Black Clouded Yellow Nectaring
  James Black Escher's Blues Mating
  James Black Oberthur's Grizzled Skipper
  James Black Red Squirrel
  Andrew Stuart Hayes Red Kite-1
  Bill Terrance Puffin Feast
  Bill Terrance Willet Wading
  Stephanie Wilkie Common Blue with Mites
  Stephanie Wilkie Eastern Kingbird
  Stephanie Wilkie Indigo Bunting
  Stephanie Wilkie Stoat with Kill
  David Wolfenden Autumn Squirrel
  Eng Siong Yeo Getting Up
  Nevenka Papic Sally Lightfoot
  John Coumbias E1-Mummys Baby
  John Coumbias E2-On the Hunt
  John Coumbias E3-Looking
  Kobus Kriek Catch of the Day
  Kobus Kriek Look How Big I Am
  Kobus Kriek Saving Something for Later
  Percy Mitchell Caught
  Percy Mitchell Thanks Mom
  Martilie Weideman Measuring Time
  Martilie Weideman The Meal
  Javier Herranz Casellas In the Vertical
  Javier Herranz Casellas The Kiss
  Göran Erlandsson Elephant
  Herbert Smrcek Cheetah Fight
  Herbert Smrcek Lion Fight
  Herbert Smrcek Lion Love
  Herbert Smrcek Ready to Hunt
  Shibu Mathew Elephants with Calf
  Manu Reghuarajan Mantis
  Ovijit Roy Ciircles & Shadows
  Steven Blandin Tricolor Harmony
  Huzhong Cai I Got Big One
  Huzhong Cai I Got It First
  Huzhong Cai Tast of Blood
  Huzhong Cai Up for Grabs
  Nan Carder Grebe with Catch 0672
  Carl Close All Wet
  Albert Figuccio Butterfly Standing
  Albert Figuccio Tern Dive
  Brian Grant Heron Handoff
  Dee Langevin Eagle on the Attack
  Dee Langevin Morning Snack
  J.D. McClung Only One Outcome
  J.D. McClung Wasp Protecting Four Eggs
  Jenny Hibbert Dalmatian Pelican Being Told Off
  Jenny Hibbert European Bison Peering Out of Forest
  Jenny Hibbert Two Baby Water Voles
  Johnnie Rogers Orange Tip